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MMA doing business better for ConocoPhillips thanks to PSV modification

MMA doing business better for ConocoPhillips thanks to PSV modification

IMC engineering expertise played a pivotal role in MMA Offshore securing one of only eight Supplier Recognition Awards made globally by ConocoPhillips, the world’s largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) company.

Announcing the winners of its 2016 Supplier Recognition Award program, ConocoPhillips said the eight recipient companies were honoured “for exhibiting exceptional leadership that celebrates our SPIRIT Values.”

Awards were given in two areas: focus on execution and doing business better. ConocoPhillips business unit leadership around the world generated nominations internally with winners chosen by a global cross-functional committee, including senior management.

“2016 was another difficult year for the industry, and the strength of this year’s nominations highlights the invaluable role suppliers play in helping us safely deliver on our goals despite a challenging cost environment,” said Al Hirshberg, ConocoPhillips’s executive vice president, Production, Drilling & Projects. “These suppliers demonstrated differential performance by being flexible and adaptable or helping us improve the way we do business by developing fit-for-purpose solutions. This program is a great opportunity to recognize their commitment and innovation.”

One of the four Doing Business Better Awards was awarded to MMA Offshore for its collaboration with ConocoPhillips’s Australia West business unit to develop a dual-function vessel that could supply goods and services to perform static tow work. “To ensure the dual-function vessel would be successful, MMA also developed a sustainable officer training schedule and new ship handling techniques. In addition to achieving significant cost savings, this effort led to fewer vessels in the field and a reduction of five million litres of fuel consumption,” ConocoPhillips said in a statement.

IMC and MMA Offshore developed the conceptual vessel arrangement that enabled the 87 metre DP-2 platform supply vessel (PSV) MMA Inscription to be modified to carry out static tow operations without impacting other operations on the back deck – thereby eliminating the need for a dedicated static tow vessel during offtake operations. Central to the changes was the inclusion of an additional deck over the existing forward mooring deck to be fitted with an asymmetric, electrically driven, escort winch.

IMC also leveraged its previous experience working with MARIN (the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands), a global leader in hydrodynamic and nautical research and development, to support a simulation of the modified PSV. The simulation served to prove the concept would enable MMA Inscription to successfully undertake the range of static tow operations required of the ConocoPhillips operation.

Following on from this work, in December 2015 ConocoPhillips awarded MMA a five-year contract for MMA Inscription to provide both platform supply and static tow services in support of ConocoPhillips’ Bayu-Undan facilities located in the Timor Sea.

MMA then commenced the significant modification project to prepare the PSV for the dual purpose scope. Following completion of the design work by IMC the modifications were undertaken at a shipyard in South East Asia. The PSV then returned to Australian waters with its enhanced capabilities, and commenced its new role in the middle of last year, working out of the port of Darwin.

IMC Managing Director Justin McPherson said collaborating with clients to help them unlock value in existing tonnage through innovation was always satisfying.

“Given the challenging market conditions currently faced by offshore support vessel operators such as MMA, we were very pleased to be able to engineer a solution that added new operational capability and flexibility to MMA Inscription,” he said.

“We are equally delighted that the efforts of MMA Offshore in bringing the vessel capability we engineered into a highly successful operation have been recognised at the highest level through the Supplier Recognition Award,” he added.

MMA Offshore’s Managing Director Jeff Weber commented that the challenge to demonstrate reliability and innovation as a service provider in today’s oil and gas industry is the key to success.

“Recently we made the decision to strategically reposition our business, moving from a diversified service offering to focusing primarily on offshore vessel operations. To differentiate ourselves in this market, we know the challenge is to deliver safe, innovative and cost-effective offshore vessel solutions.

“We are extremely pleased to receive an award from ConocoPhillips for Doing Business Better. For us this award is recognition we have the expertise to collaborate with our clients and deliver truly tailored marine solutions – an ability that will continue to set us apart in the industry.

“We would like to thank the ConocoPhillips team members who contributed to the technical solution that was implemented,” he added.

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