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IMC’s core naval architecture / ship design consultancy services include providing advice and analysis relating to:

  • Stability – including intact and damage stability using probabilistic and deterministic methods; lightship and inclining surveys; and on board stability software
  • Vessel Motions and Seakeeping – including assessments / predictions of vessel operability and dynamic positioning (DP) performance
  • Ship Resistance and Powering
  • Launching and Docking

Assessment of MODU Motions

MODU – Ocean Monarch
Scope – Comparison of MODU motions with motions of other MODUs used previously. Input motions for dynamic drilling riser analysis.

Assessment of Bulk Carrier Stability with Cargo Shifting

Scope –Stability and motions analysis for a range of standard bulk carrier types carrying iron ore cargoes on typical routes. Work was carried out as part of the Iron Ore Technical Working Group submission to the IMO Sub-committee on Dangerous Goods, Solid Cargoes and Containers.

Docking Calculations

Vessel – RT Eduard
Scope –Docking calculations for vessel

Docking Calculations

Vessel – Far Sword
Scope –Docking calculations for vessel and design of docking cradle modifications to withstand increased loads.

Intact and Damage Stability

Vessel – Pacific Rapier
Scope – Prepare revised intact and damaged stability book following modifications (crane, mezzanine deck and methanol tank additions)

Vessel Operability Analysis

Vessel – Havila Harmony
Scope – Comparison of predicted vessel motions with recorded vessel motions during Vincent wellhead installation operations

Assessment of Stability with Crane Operations

Vessel – Nor Australis
Scope – Review of existing vessel stability documentation for crane operations and provide recommendations for crane operations and vessel loading

Assessment of Vessel Stability for AH Operations

Vessel – Lady Sandra
Scope – Assess stability for six AHT vessels in accordance with NMD anchor handling stability guidelines following Bourbon Dolphin accident

SPS Code Damage Stability Analysis

Vessel – CGG Symphony
Scope –Probabilistic damage stability analysis in accordance with SPS Code requirements for DNV approval.

Latest news

28 December 2017

Bali Hai II gets a new lease of life

West Australian based international day cruise operator, Bali Hai Cruises completes a major refit and life extension of their flagship 36m aluminium catamaran Bali Hai II. read more...

23 November 2017

Skipsteknisk and IMC team to offer Australia a state of the art hydrographic oceanographic research vessel design

Skipsteknisk AS of Norway and International Maritime Consultants (IMC) of Fremantle, Australia have entered into a teaming agreement to offer the Skipsteknisk range of hydrographic oceanographic research vessel designs to the Commonwealth of Australia under program SEA 2400 Phase 1 Hydrographic Data Collection Capability. read more...

18 October 2017

Britton and IMC deliver RAN diesel outboard powered support boats

In support of industry partner, Britton Maritime Systems and their range of high performance ship’s boats, IMC’s continues to support the Australian defence sector with specialist design and engineering capability. read more...

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