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Tow analysis enhances luxury motor yacht experience

Tow analysis enhances luxury motor yacht experience

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Expertise in vessel towing assessment and towing gear design has recently seen IMC active in the luxury motor yacht market, enabling an owner to more easily enjoy his time afloat.

While IMC’s naval architects and engineers frequently undertake such analysis and design work for tugs and other commercial vessels as part of the company’s offshore and marine engineering services offering, the subject of one recent project was a 68 metre super yacht.

As is common in today’s motor yacht community, the yacht’s owner also enjoys using a range of other craft, not all of which can be carried on the yacht. In this case the other vessel was a large rigid inflatable boat (RIB).

At 19 metres in length, the custom RIB was too large to be carried on the yacht posing the question of how to safely and efficiently transport the RIB to meet the motor yacht as it relocated to cruising destinations around the world.

Shipping on a cargo ship was a possibility, but typically time-consuming and not always practical given the remoteness from regular shipping routes of many destinations.

Towing the RIB behind the motor yacht seemed a natural solution, however the yacht’s insurers raised concerns about extended ocean tows of this type, rendering the plan, initially, nonviable.

That changed when IMC was engaged to undertake a thorough towing analysis. Conducted over a range of tow speeds, wave heights and headings, the analysis established parameters that enabled IMC staff to develop new towing arrangements and re-engineer towing points.

With IMC’s complete towage solution, and the requisite modifications in place, the insurers were satisfied the yacht could safely accomplish long distance towing of the RIB. This in turn enhanced the yacht owner’s ability to enjoy his prized vessels more easily, and in more places, freed from reliance on more expensive third party transport options.

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